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Combined Trip to “The Ovens” and “St Michaels” Sea Caves

Joe Sydney from HCG is organising the following event, if you are interested please contact Joe directly, note you must be a member of UTSSS (i.e. the ASF) to attend.

Thousands of years ago when the Australian sea level was much higher, a patch of large seas caves were formed in sandstone cliffs along the Avalon/Whale Beach area. Today with lower sea levels, these sea caves are accessible. Both ‘The Ovens’ and St Michael’s sea caves are quite…large! Owing to not having a cavers dinner we are organising an exciting visit to these sea caves
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Caving at Jenolan August 22nd and 23rd 2009

Present: Andrew Baker (L), Julie Burton, Tessa Robson, Michael and Jodie Rutledge, Chris Turner, Stephen Baker (UTSSS), Brad Smithson (UTSSS) and Robert Vorbach (UTSSS).


I picked the cave keys up Friday afternoon, being keen to have a big day in Spider Saturday. Chris was also super keen and wanted to get everyone up really and be in the cave at 7 am. Fortunately sanity prevailed and we opted for a more leisurely 7 am wake up (still rather early by NHVSS standards). Jodie and Michael hadn’t been well the previous week and opted to go for a walk up the valley and visit ‘Café Cave’. The rest of us headed down to the Playing Fields and entered Spider Cave at approximately 9 am.

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