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Jenolan Sycamore Weeding Weekends

National Parks and Jenolan are running a number of landcare weekends to clean exotic weeds. See the PDF flier for full information.

If you are interested in these weekends please apply directly using the contact details on the flier.

Jenolan Caves Volunteer Weekend – Sycamore Control

Present: Andrew Baker, Tessa Robson, and about 20 people who were equally as keen to destroy some sycamores.

Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) is a native of Europe and that belongs to the Maple family (Aceraceae). Unfortunately, this fast growing deciduous tree is also very invasive. Within the Jenolan Caves Karst Conservation Reserve, sycamores have spread rapidly from the area around Caves House to almost the top of Oberon Hill. These trees grow in such densities that they outcompete the native vegetation and in many places there is no vegetation except sycamores. It has been estimated that since the 1980’s the area covered by sycamores has doubled in size.

This was the first of two volunteer Sycamore control weekends held in spring 2009 by the Lithgow-Oberon Landcare Association in conjunction with Jenolan Caves Trust and National Parks and Wildlife Service. The aim of these weekends is to eradicate some of these troublesome trees.

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