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Spider Photos

Courtesy of Andrew and Mark here are a selection of photos from their recent trip through Spider – all the way to the sumps and back again.

Spider_Chris in Pirates_01 (ABaker)

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Caving at Jenolan August 22nd and 23rd 2009

Present: Andrew Baker (L), Julie Burton, Tessa Robson, Michael and Jodie Rutledge, Chris Turner, Stephen Baker (UTSSS), Brad Smithson (UTSSS) and Robert Vorbach (UTSSS).


I picked the cave keys up Friday afternoon, being keen to have a big day in Spider Saturday. Chris was also super keen and wanted to get everyone up really and be in the cave at 7 am. Fortunately sanity prevailed and we opted for a more leisurely 7 am wake up (still rather early by NHVSS standards). Jodie and Michael hadn’t been well the previous week and opted to go for a walk up the valley and visit ‘Café Cave’. The rest of us headed down to the Playing Fields and entered Spider Cave at approximately 9 am.

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