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Jenolan 5-6 June 2010 Trip Report

Present: Andrew Baker (NHVSS/UTSSS), Chris Turner (NHVSS), Bronwyn Turner (NHVSS), Julie Burton (NHVSS), Dave Hammond (UTSSS), Jess Swart (UTSSS), Stephen Baker (UTSSS).

Chris and I arrived at Jenolan just after 4:30 pm on Friday afternoon, reported in at the Guides Office and then headed up the valley with the aim of locating the entrance to a couple of caves we hadn’t been in before. In the fading light, we jogged down the hill, jumped the electric fence to the wallaby enclosure (which wasn’t switched on) and within minutes we located the entrance to Henrys Hole (J134), thanks to some helpful directions from Steve Reilly.

Interestingly, there was a strong flow of warm air out of cave entrance, which was quite pleasant given the brisk temperature. By this stage the light was rapidly fading and we didn’t like the prospect of trying to find Dywers Cave in the dark so headed back to the Cavers Cottage for dinner. Stephen, Jess, Dave and Bronwyn arrived late in the evening.
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Caving at Jenolan 15th and 16th May 2010

Present: Andrew Baker (NHVSS/UTSSS), Chris Turner (NHVSS), Peter Brady (UTSSS), Andrew Cummings (UTSSS)

Reported by: Andrew Baker

On Friday afternoon I returned to my desk at work, to find that the key to the Cavers Cottage hadn’t arrived in the post. This was a bit frustrating, since it should have arrived Thursday, but several phone calls later, a spare key was located at Jenolan and I breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, after picking up the spare key from the Guides Office we found that the key didn’t fit the lock! Several phone calls later, it was discovered that lock had been changed but the spare key had not been updated.

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Caving at Jenolan August 22nd and 23rd 2009

Present: Andrew Baker (L), Julie Burton, Tessa Robson, Michael and Jodie Rutledge, Chris Turner, Stephen Baker (UTSSS), Brad Smithson (UTSSS) and Robert Vorbach (UTSSS).


I picked the cave keys up Friday afternoon, being keen to have a big day in Spider Saturday. Chris was also super keen and wanted to get everyone up really and be in the cave at 7 am. Fortunately sanity prevailed and we opted for a more leisurely 7 am wake up (still rather early by NHVSS standards). Jodie and Michael hadn’t been well the previous week and opted to go for a walk up the valley and visit ‘Café Cave’. The rest of us headed down to the Playing Fields and entered Spider Cave at approximately 9 am.

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