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Hole in the Wall Canyon

Its taken a while but here’s a short trip report from the last Hole in the Wall Canyon trip on 14th March 2010.  Its mainly a photographic trip report but we headed out early from Pennant Hills (me, Brad and Dave) to meet Andrew, Steve and Chris who were coming in from Bathurst.

I had forgotten just how much fun that this canyon is.  There was a good mixture of jump-ins, scrambling and rope work.  The canyon then finishes with a fine section of the Bungleboori before the (long) walk out.

Claustral Canyon

The day promised to be fine with a hot afternoon: not a good forecast for a long trudge up a westerly facing ridge in late afternoon but a great forecast for canyoning.  Being all early starters we, therefore, met at the Claustral Canyon car park bright and early and were on the track as the second group at about 8:30am.

As we descended from the final saddle the light rustle of the wind in the leaves became a steady roar.  The water was up.  Fortunately, at this point it was not high enough to turn around.  Despite there being no rain this week, the base flow was still profound due to the unusually high rainfall Sydney had received over summer.

The group then scrambled along the creek and donned the wetsuits up when the wades became too deep.

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