Volunteer Work at Bungonia

The paleo-sediments in the Kings Cross area of B4-5 need protection from constant over use. Approval has been granted by Parks to build a small bridge over the paleo-sediments to help preserve them.

HCG & CSS in consultation with experts and BRAG submitted a proposal to bridge this gap. Parks (and engineers) have approved the project with Parks providing funding.

CSS is currently constructing the bridge which will require help from cavers to carry in the components at a later date. In the meantime, one section is ready to take into B4 to verify that it fits correctly and to measure for anchors & footings.

Experienced cavers are required to ‘take in and take out’ the first ‘test’ section of the proposed bridge. There will be other tasks for those that do not wish to help with the lifting! eg: Gear sherpas, COMMs line laying, UHF radio COMMs etc

We only require 10 competent cavers to help with lifting and carrying the component thru the cave and a few more for misc work. Please contact me ASAP if you can assist.
Do NOT turn up without informing me first as you may be disappointed!

This is an excellent opportunity for caving clubs/cavers to unite and help with such an important project.

Please contact Joe Sydney ASAP if you are interested: [email protected]

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  • Joe
    I would lke to join you for the protection of the paleo-sediments in the Kings Cross area of B4-5.
    Pete or Andrew from UTSSS can reference me.

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